Photos: Juan Castillo, Larissa Gómez Godoy, F.N. Pellicciol, C Osatinsky, Stanislaus Kernjak.

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in Argentina:

February: Buenos Aires, Mendoza.

March: San Martín de los Andes, Ushuaia.

in Europa:

June Basque Country, July Madrid, September Tenerife (Spain) and September Edinburgh (Scotland).

+ info: here

last Performances of



19 I 11 I 2019 

@ CUERPOS Festival of contemporary movements San Martín de los Andes, Argentina Sala Cotesma

+ info  here.

30 I 11 I 2019

@ Sala Ezequiel Soria, Catamarca

+ info here

dos manos1.jpg


28 I 10 I 2019 ~ 01 I 11 I 2019

11:00 ~ 17:00 Hs

Laboratory on Movement Exploration and Creation inside the program Risco da Dança, in c.e.m (centro em movimento) Lisbon, Portugal

+ Info here

From July 15th to 21st we have been delving into the bodily strata that make up our worlds. A week that has left resonances

in 19 adventurous explorers. Feel free to have a glance here on what it was and what it might be, as we already cook with Jonathan Martineau the fourth edition of

The Body in its World

for the European summer 2020.


Soon more information.

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